Scotica Summer 2023 Update

June 1, 2023

Another quarter has flown by already, and as usual we have a lot to unpack, so let’s get down to it!

The new Scotica documentary: ‘Hardangerfolk’

After several months of hush-hush, we’re delighted to be able to share the new Scotica documentary with the world: ‘Hardangerfolk’.

In the winter of early 1943, 12 Norwegian resistance members crossed the Hardangervidda to put a stop to the creation of an atomic bomb, in what has become one of history’s most astounding and beloved adventure tales. Now, exactly 80 years after the event, an international expeditionary team retrace their footsteps.

Øivind Tangstad grew up on the slopes of the Hardangervidda, Europe’s highest plateau and one of its greatest wildernesses. He took inspiration from one of the most thrilling and heroic adventure stories of the modern era, where 12 Norwegian Resistance members skied 450km across the plateau to prevent the creation of an atomic bomb.

To mark the 80th anniversary of this tale, which has become folklore in Hardanger, Øivind is leading an international expeditionary team to retrace their footsteps, from the assault on the Rjukan valley, across Europe’s wildest plateau, and over the Swedish border hundreds of kilometres away. Using original footage of the resistance members on the Hardangervidda from 1948, ‘Hardangerfolk’ tells the two stories side-by-side in a way never before seen.

The documentary shows how, at a time when war and oppression are once again gripping Europe, this inspirational tale is more relevant than it has ever been. ‘Hardangerfolk’s production has been generously supported by Scottish-based Keela International and Scotch blended whisky Commando Spirit. For more information and continued updates about the film, visit

Launching a commercial series for Talisker

This spring, Scotica created a series of commercials for Talisker’s latest product collaboration with marine conservation organisation Parley: Wilder Seas whisky, their most sustainable product ever.

From the forests above, to the ones below, wild seas – rich with kelp forests, teeming with life – are vital to our planet’s biodiversity. Supporting Talisker’s mission with Parley to keep the seas wild, they’re making a donation for every bottle of their Wilder Seas whisky made.

The team once again took to the rugged waters of Scotland to film the new whisky in its natural environment, a challenging but rewarding multi-day shoot.

An updated showreel

With so many incredible shoots over the past year, we thought it was about time to give our showreel a wee refresh. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s only 60 seconds…

And more…

As always, the summer is a busy time of year at Scotica and this one isn’t shaping up to be any exception! Our documentary work with Forest Carbon is ongoing and we’re both looking forward to sharing the first films with you all shortly, and we also have other shoots with ADV and Wild Shore keeping us busy in the meantime.

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